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Richard Harrington became a leader early in life. His love of journalism drove him to be editor of his high school paper. In college, he obtained a dual degree in production and journalism. He worked for a TV station and became an digital editor. Several years later, he founded RHED Pixel. RHED is an acronym for Richard Harrington Electronic Design. Husband, father, entrepreneur and CEO, Richard Harrington is busy, busy, BUSY!! But so helpful. I follow his blog via Twitter. Rich has hundreds of videos on Vimeo, I chose the one below about using sandbags on light stands, etc.



Ryan Koo – NoFilmSchool

Ryan Koo

Ryan Koo is a Indie Filmmaker with awards from TotalFilms.com for Best Creative Blog and the Webby Awards for Best Drama Series. Filmmaker Magazine named him one of their 25 New Faces of Film. A graduate of Middlebury College, Koo (as he is known online) most successful endeavor to date is raising $125,000+ US (his goal was $115,000US) using Kickstarter.com for his feature film “Man-child“. He has contributed greatly to the DIY comunity by writing the free (YES, I said FREE) ebook “The DSLR Cinematography Guide” available on his site. My wish is he would start making YouTube videos on the subject.


Koo on Vimeo

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